Set up a VoIP company

The VoIP market has grown really fast over the decade. A lot of businesses and residential users wish to save money on their telephone bills and hence they are always looking for an easy mean to do that. The demand for VoIP phone services has grown and there is a huge potential for individuals who want to start a VoIP company. when it is done correctly it can be an extremely profitable business. in this article, we are going to discuss how one can start a VoIP company and be successful. first, you will have to decide which area of the market you wish to dive Into.

VoIP Telephone System
VOIP Telephone

Prepaid calling cards

you can offer pin or pin-less calling cards. for pin calling cards you can provide access code along with the calling cards so that individuals are able to make local and long-distance VoIP calls from their regular landline phones and their cell phones without needing a desktop. the users will have to enter their pin which can be found on the backside of their calling card before they start conversing. the customers can buy the calling cards through new agents, grocery shop or local retailers. For pin-less calling cards, the users will have to enter their unique access code.

VoIP Call Centre solutions

It is a call centre which is hosted by a VoIP service provider and has no physical location. by providing VoIP for Call Centres solutions you can help businesses in setting up call centre so that they are able to handle the calls correctly and can minimise the wait time for their callers and enhance company efficiency while keeping their costs at a minimum.

voip communication
VOIP Telephony System


It is a business or home -based VoIP phone system which is used in order to make internal and external voice calls. It includes an IP PBX server, VoIP phones, one or more IP phones and at times a VoIP service Gateway. Then the phones are linked to the server. whenever an individual wants to make an internal call, they can go over the IP PBX server which contains a directory of every phone and their IP address in the system and then the call will get connected to the receiver. If someone wants to make an external call through the IP PBX then they can do it with a VoIP service gateway or a VoIP vendor. The IP PBX solutions for business are rapidly growing since a lot of businesses and residential users are searching for PBX solutions. If you offer IP PBX services then you can help your users set up their systems.