VoLTE stands for Voice over Long-Term Evolution or 4G LTE. VoLTE is the latest evolution in the IP telephony and it has changed the way everyone communicates. Both of these technologies are used to make calls over the internet Wi-Fi. However, the major difference between VoLTE and VoIP is that the technology which both use. There are also several other differences which we are going to mentioned below.


VoLTE technology takes advantage of the latest LTE technologies and the 4G network. While VoLTE does offer fast bandwidth and speed but is still in its early stages and it is not as widespread as the VoIP technology. However, it is optimized for the latest Smartphones and the next generation data Technology. With VoLTE call solutions, the call data packets are given special priority in order to make sure you experience great call quality. VoLTE offers three times more data and voice capacity compared to 3G and frees up bandwidth since its packet headers are smaller compared to those of VoIP. The VoLTE networks contain capability of quality of service which is built in directly providing several benefits such as:

  • VoLTE calls use far fewer resources from the network connection and the handset which provides a long-term battery life and a lot more work network efficiency.
  • VoLTE Technology also can maintain the quality of calls even if the networks are highly congested.
  • Initiating a call from VoLTE takes almost half of the time which is taken by a usual 3G call.


VoIP is based on a web-based transfer of data and voice, for example, 3G, ADSL, and Wi-Fi which are widespread and are easily accessible. For Latest smartphones, this technology is quite powerful with a few barriers to entry which means that developers can add voice easily. Whenever a VoIP Phone application is utilized the voice data packets transmitted over the internet from one party to the other. VoIP Phone services depend on the Packet Switched Network and also need careful consideration and resource management. In VoIP services, the voice packets are handled the same as packets of any other kind of data which are sent over the public internet connection. Data packets are handled on a first come first serve basis which highly impacts the quality of a call, particularly when using a busy network.

Changing times

VoLTE may still be a comparatively new technology however it contains the potential to completely disrupt the VoIP market in the coming future. There are few major Carriers who have already dedicated to deploying the new VoLTE services which will operate over the 4G LTE networks. It may take some time before the complete potential of the VoLTE’s technology is achieved nonetheless as a technology it has not rolled out so that every user can make calls using the VoLTE technology and experience complete benefits of the VoLTE service.

Meaning Voice over LTE network Voice over IP
Created 2000s 1990s
Network 4G 2G/3G
Coverage 4G still rolling out Widespread
Audience Modern smartphones Web, VoIP phones
Reliability Higher bandwidth and quality Frequently drops packets of data under stress
Subscribers 284 thousand (4G) 34 million


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