More and more businesses are switching to VoIP phone technology because of its affordability and voice quality. You might be one of those businesses which are thinking that VoIP is just a trend which will dissolve in a few years. Or you still are not convinced that VoIP technology will not add value to your business.

There are several misconceptions about VoIP and a lot of companies are missing out on this great Technology with rich features which can make their operations more effective and boost their productivity. In this article, we are going to look at a number of major features of VoIP phone system for small business which can make all the difference in the world.

Vanity number

As a small business owner, you must brand your business in a unique way to separate your business from the thousands of competitions in the market. Vanity numbers are a way which gives your business an instant familiarity along with reducing the frequency of dropped phone calls.

Vanity phone numbers are easily memorised since they have words which can be spelled out to point to your business name or service which you provide. With VoIP technology for small business, you can lake claim to multiple vanity numbers which can lock in a large amount of traffic geographical locations if you combine them with clever ad campaigns and marketing.

Find me/follow me call routing

Maybe a lot of your workers or maybe even you need to move around on an everyday bases such as attending meetings or Sourcing clients. In such scenarios, you would not be able to receive phone calls from your office promptly. This is where VoIP technology comes in with great call routing feature called ‘find me/follow me’.

This feature will try to call your different phones multiple times to attempt to find you. This way you will never miss an important phone call while you are out in the field or when you are at home.

What is great about find me/follow me’ is the fact that it can simultaneously or sequentially call all your phones. In case, the feature is not able to reach you then it will send the calls to voicemail.

If you run a small business, the last thing which you want is to miss out on valuable business, therefore, this feature stops this from happening. Furthermore, this feature allows you and your employees to keep their cell numbers private when the other party makes a call as they just use the main business number as the service route their call different numbers.

Smart call queue

If your business has received high call volume, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain the quality of services with high call volume. By employing VoIP business phone systems, you might be capable of serving all your clients and customers without having to compromise on manpower or quality of the call.

VoIP services come with a feature of the smart queue which gives your callers an option to wait in a queue for an estimated number of minutes. Smart call queue also asks them to hang up and call back after the estimated minutes have passed to get served.

Or they can pick the option of being called automatically and get to the front of the call queue. This feature decreases call wait time, it also cuts the call abandonment rate and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Account management

VoIP can make your life easy, however, you still need to look at things like phone call records, call recordings, Voicemail and much more monthly to make sure that your business requirements are being met.

You will be able to do this through your own account manager which can keep tabs on your call records and all the related data, record and report to you as required. This service might come bundled along with your business VoIP package or it can be bought separately as an affordable service.

Account management can reduce your cost and it can also eliminate the requirement to have a physical office receptionist.

Door phone Buzzer entry integration

If you work in a busy office space, then receiving customers several times a day can be hectic, therefore it is important to have an integrative intercom system.

Having an integrated intercom system allows you to preview your visitors before they enter your office.

The door buzzer entry integration feature can be added easily to your basic VoIP phone and it also enables you to take calls from individuals who are outside your office who might want to gain access to the site.

Further with this feature you can talk to and see your visitors before granting them access along with locking the door from the phone itself.

Individual control panels

If you are looking to promote independence in your stuff, then with VoIP you can do this because of the individual control panels that come with all VoIP Phone.

This control panel put the power in your employees’ hand which teaches them valuable skills like retrieval and data entry, multitasking and utilising the technology to boost their productivity.

Additionally, employees can also customise their control panels on their softphones to meet their working styles, making them more comfortable in their working environment and ultimately boosting their productivity.


If you have ever wondered how productive your employees are then you do not need to wonder any longer thanks to a great Business VoIP technology feature of ‘presence’. This feature allows you to promptly check on the communication status of your employees without opting to physical interfering.

Also, you can easily monitor their different devices from a central location along with routing calls to different individuals and departments effortlessly.

Another great thing about this feature is that it allows you to set certain rules on how you would like the calls to come in and where the calls should go.

For example, you might like to set a rule that ‘don’t ring the CEO’s main phone line after 7 p.m.’. And ‘reach them from their mobile phone through the find me/follow me to call routing’.

Overall an auto attendant feature can automate call reception and field the calls to different departments. It can also play various on hold track while the customers wait to be attended.

Moreover, it also gives customers access to various voicemail inboxes depending on which department they want to leave a message in.