It you want successful sales then you need great communication system. If your business communities well to the potential leads, then they will soon turn into your customers. If you miss a call from any potential lead, it can be frustrating for both your customers and leads as it can lead you to a pitfall. Having a good communication system can help you build successful businesses. If you can’t convey your customers that they can rely on your business, then no one would want you.

Better communications mean better business

Having an outdated communication system in the world of sales can bring doom on your business. Your employees wouldn’t be capable of streamlining their work. They would make errors constantly in making conversations to their customers. They wouldn’t know they go wrong and what they do right. The best that you can do for your sales team is to provide them with a high-quality communication system. It can be help you bring better revenue.

Go Cloud – Pick VoIP Business

VoIP is a revolutionary cloud telephony. It streamlines all your work and that is in a single interface, so the management becomes clear. It can also help you cut down all the mistakes to the minimum. a sales team which uses traditional telephones may face a lot of situations which drop productivity. It can take time to pull up a customer or a leads contact information. Furthermore, dialling phone numbers manually can lead to wastage of numerous precious seconds.

These few seconds don’t look like much in a short run however over time saving up even the tiniest bit can help increase your productivity.

  • The first blessing you get is mobility. You would not have to get a complete phone system to be installed in your workplace. All your messages and calls will be made using a computer or a cell phone. Also, this can help you exceed the installation, usage and maintenance charges of a traditional telephone system. All you will need to do is invest in a high-speed broadband connection for your office space. This way your sales employees can work on the go. If you have got an international customer who is available for conversation, then you can use your office phone system at the comfort of your home to talk with them. Since you will not be stuck at the office with a phone you will be able to get all your customers virtually anywhere around the globe. You will always be available for your clients which can get you major points.
  • Saving precious time. By using a VoIP phone system, you don’t waste any time while dialling a person’s phone number and then having to wait for the line to connect. An auto dialler can be utilised to automatically dial a phone number, leave messages of Voicemail, or request data from potential clients or customers. An auto dialler is generally implemented when the manual dialling is taking away an agent’s time. Another domain which saves time is getting a new phone number. Usually, when a sales office requires in a new phone number, with traditional phone, for its employee then they need to get a new phone set. It can take time for the order to be placed. And can take a lot of time for the phone to arrive and then you have to get it installed by the professionals. This brings in an entire new invoice of charges for the phone set and the new phone number.

With cloud Technology, you have the power to buy a phone number in just seconds. It gives you the freedom to pick whichever number you need. There is a separate section in the software itself which allows you to pick whichever country’s phone number you want. Then you will be provided a list of all the possible phone numbers available. You will just have to select a number, the chosen country and your all set to go. In less than 5 seconds you will have a brand-new number for your employee at a minimal cost.

  • A single interface for all your data. Traditionally sales teams maintain a huge file of hard copies of customer contact information. Also, they need to take notes constantly during a call and then add the additional information at the end of a call. This doesn’t always guarantee that the salesperson will remember everything that they have talked about with a customer early. A lot of time annoyed customers call in to complain about discrepancies and problems. It can take a salesperson time to become updated with the history of the customer’s account and understand the problem. But with the VoIP system, all your client information is logged in to the software and with a simple search by name a salesperson can pull up all the information that they need about the customer. Furthermore, all the phone calls are recorded. This way a salesperson can go back and again listen to the recording to see if they have missed out on something. Also, it can help you get proof of all the records in case there is a problem later on. In addition, during a phone call, you can get others on the team to listen in to the call and prompt just to you in case you are stuck. This is called a call monitoring and whispering feature.
  • Learn while working with real-time analytics. Technology and Science have been our friends. The best benefit out of this relationship has been in real-time analytics. VoIP Phone Technology provides a look at stunningly coloured and easy to understand Pie Charts and graphs. You can view what the average response time for the past phone calls has been. Also, you can check how many phone calls were answered, received or missed. It provides you an insight into how well the whole sales team is performing.
  • Team working collaboratively. A team can work in collaboration when the entire team uses a single interface software. All the incoming calls are said to be answered by various alternative sales agents in case the first allotted agent doesn’t answer or is busy. Furthermore, incoming calls can be queued which ensures that someone on the team answers the call. This decreases the number of missed phone calls.

Each team member can access call notes, call recordings, call analytics and Statistics to know how information has been flowing in, managing and flowing out. This allows the sales team to create an essence of coworking and a feeling of collaboration. As a team a lot of times sales teams experience animosity among themselves but collaborative tools such as VoIP Business phone can help them in becoming better professionals. With your sales team working better, producing more profits and keeping your customers satisfied who wouldn’t call your sales team ‘super’.