A lot of modern businesses have become fluid which means that only a few of the employees remain in one spot all day. Now businesses have several employees using the same desk or they have teams which work in different office locations. VoIP phone Technology allows businesses and their employees to transfer extension to any shared telephone without having to move the equipment physically. They simply just must log into the system for accessing their profile.

Clients can reach them wherever they are. Further, they can also leave a voicemail to their digital number which is not tied to any physical telephone. This means that businesses can efficiently set up anyplace in the office without having to compromise the connection to employees or clients.

From home office to the virtual office space Technology has driven modern business operations. Nowadays the office environment has a host of the flexible alternative. Hot Desking is powered by the VoIP phone technology is a segmental method to office space. The Hot Desking feature leverages the most basic feature of the VoIP technology which is that users can simply log into a phone on a desk like they would on a computer. Different from usually used phone features like call forwarding or follow me where incoming calls forwarded to another station the VoIP phone enables the user to take control over another phone completely, with their personalised settings and features intact. The user just must accept the phone software in the computer system from a work station which is available and permits them to make a receive calls.

The VoIP phone system opportunities are unlimited in the hot desking model. While users can log in and out through short codes or a Programmable button the access also can be configured by the admin so that users can automatically log out extensions at a specific time or pre-set them to log out after a while of idle time. With the only login, password and a workstation the VoIP technology can transform any general office workspace into a completely equipped customised solution.

Other than the cost savings which are offered by VoIP the concept of hot testing maximizes businesses commercial real estate and consequently is an ideal phone design for Call Centre agents, part-time employees, salespeople on the road and virtual resources. Like digital billboards with a new advertisement reveal almost every 30 seconds the same space serves several purposes.

In this article, we are going to talk about ways through which Hot Desking can enhance an office design.

Establish space management

Just like any other office design renovation, the shift to hot desk needs proper planning for it to be successful. This includes organising and updating space management needs according to business. An integrated office management software can streamline this process.

Issue appropriate guidelines

Before the office employees start using the new work system, it is significant that they have a strong hold on how it works and what are the rules. Businesses can explain these details by implementing it as documented policies and some other guidelines. These guidelines could be.

  • The responsibilities of employee: for example, don’t leave confidential documents, keep the desk clean.
  • You can enlist the reasons why the organisation has implemented Hot Desking
  • Meet the organisations responsibilities, for example, make meeting rooms accessible easily, equip the desk with necessary tools.

Getting Buy-In from the employees

Switching to Hot Desking means that the Big day to day tasks for employees can change. A lot of employees might have concerns with valid reasons. Without having allocated work desks employees could face difficulty in finding workspaces and locating their colleagues which in turn can result in waste time. Furthermore, it can limit an employee’s ability to personalise their workspace. A few employees might also think of shared spacing to be disconnecting which can leave a negative effect on their overall productivity.

Businesses need to be mindful of these and several other apprehensions while encouraging their employees to not get attached to a single work desk. This can help them in adapting to the new workspace design and it allows them to voice feedback that they might have for potential improvement.

Businesses must remember that the design of an office space can do more than just catch the eye. It can impact the complete feel of the work environment and how employees are functional in the workspace.

The Hot desking model can create a collaborative and open work environment. It can deliver benefit to those businesses who are the right fit. For these businesses, the hot testing features can enhance the employee experience if managers are aware of their requirements and give them the right tools. The design of these tools must be employee-centric in nature. This means that they can make it easy for the employees to collaborate and be productive with others.

One of the great benefits of employing Hot desking is that it provides an enhanced level of communication and improved professional relationships. Working and sitting with different people every day allows employees to build relations across different businesses which allows them to have an opportunity to understand different people’s skills and responsibilities.

By having better communication with other teams and departments collaboration on future projects can become easier and it allows employees to be more productive in their roles. Hot desking is a feature for learning new skills if there is an area of the business which an employee would like to learn more about then they can work along with an expert in that area in one of the best ways, so they can gather all the information they need.