Nowadays VoIP technology is seen everywhere. everybody has embraced this new technology for different reasons whether businesses or customers. some businesses have already moved on to unified Communications while others in process of switching onto the VoIP phone system. however, each business at least has thought about upgrading the VoIP system even if they are not ready to do so.

probably the major reason and the motivator to use the VoIP technology is its cost. there is no doubt that the technology can offer a number of benefits which are not available with the traditional phone systems. however, it’s first push which makes you consider this technology is the low cost. most of the people now know that was technology is much cheaper compared to the traditional landlines. however, you might not know why this technology is so inexpensive or precisely how much businesses can save with VoIP technology. at times the capital investment needs to upgrade to a newer technology which can outweigh the smaller drops in monthly phone bills. additionally, not all businesses can get similar cost-saving even if they use the same VoIP service provider.

Why VoIP call is cheaper than regular phone calls?

Before we discuss the actual numbers, you must understand the reasons behind the low cost of VoIP calls. VoIP call functions like the regular calls, that is the voice is sent to another person and vice versa. but the VoIP phone system transmits your voice over the internet in form of a digital data packet. with regards to the network equipment, there is actually no difference between voice packets and those which have other kinds of data. rather than dedicated copper wiring between the callers VoIP technology uses existing data networks. in simple words, VoIP calls are cheaper for the same reason that an email is. they do not require any separate network infrastructure just for voice. this system depends on networks which are already used for other tasks. since you already pay for an ISP for internet access therefore now you know that there are free and cheap VoIP calls which are not just a marketing trick.

How much does a singer VoIP call cost?

Once you understand the reason why VoIP sales are so high then you can compare the actual cost of a traditional phone system and VoIP system. first, you have to consider the domestic calls cost. with the packet switched Telephone Network (PSTN) majority of people are used to varying rates for domestic vs international calls. however, VoIP technology does not care about the location of the caller. for the most part, the service provider just cares whether your call travels over the internet network or it touches the PSTN at any moment. majority of VoIP providers estimate the rate of a VoIP call based on a criterion which varies from provider to provider. from a business standpoint a big volume of calls is mostly internal, which are the calls between employees working in the same office or offices in a different location. except for some departments like customer service or sales the internal calls make up the majority of your call volume. this means that the internal calls at any point do not touch the PSTN. therefore, these calls are absolutely free it does not matter how long the call or the number of people who are participating in the call. further, it does not matter if the call participants are in one place or scattered over multiple locations across the world. all of the internal calls which are made from one employee to another employee are absolutely free of cost with VoIP.

Other costs with VoIP taxes and setup fees

To employ a traditional PBX office phone system, businesses must buy hardware and then set it up themselves. you might also have to pay for setup charges for each and that you by. with hosted VoIP, you can forget about each of these costs. majority of the hosted VoIP phone service providers charge a fee per month per user. some of the providers throw in all the business features at one price whilst other providers offer a particular bundle at varying price points. VoIP business plan starts from as low as £20 pound per month. it can be tough to calculate the cost of upgrading your VoIP system and until you run the numbers. however, you can expect a cost saving of 40% or more in your phone bills.

International/ long distance VoIP calls cost

for outgoing or incoming calls which leave the company network usually, have a cost because at some point they traveled over the PSTN. since just a tiny part of the call touches the PSTN. therefore, the cost of this type of call is quite less expensive compared to the traditional landline. in fact, the majority of the VoIP providers offer an unlimited calling plan for a particular country for a pay as you go or flat fee plan. you can also combine both depending on where the majority of your call traffic goes. for example, let’s suppose the majority of your call traffic is in Germany and France with occasional call somewhere else. you may want to buy an unlimited calling plan only for these two countries.