Communication is a vital part of a business. A good communication tool can make all the difference between failure and success when growing a business. Search for telephony can be hard particularly if you are not sure what functions you want in your phone system. Therefore, in this article, we are going to enlist top features which you need to consider when you decide to replace your small office telephone system.

The cloud

for any business, you do not want to spend more than what is really needed. The rise of cloud technology means you no longer have to invest in an infrastructure to host your phone solution. You also no longer need it experts to ensure it works 24/7. Cloud technology can provide your business opportunity to store and access all your data in the cloud which means that you can work from anywhere in the world. This can be very important in handling a remote working team

Affordable international and local connections

Rather than using traditional wiring the voice over internet protocol technology uses broadband connection which most businesses already use. The VoIP phone system for business compresses voice into digital signals which are then transferred over the internet for a fraction of cost. With VoIP, your business can embrace a lot of savings along with inexpensive installation and monthly charges. Therefore, using a VoIP solution can help you save on both local and international calls.

Phone numbers from all over the world

A lot of salespersons need to appear local when interacting with a potential customer. VoIP can help in building customer trust by making your company appear local. There are VoIP providers which allow you to select phone numbers from different regions than the region in which business is it located.

Conference call

Having a conference call feature where you can add more participant to your conversation can be extremely beneficial. There are VoIP solutions which provide conference calling feature which can help speed up your sales process, enhancing really qualification and helping you resolve problems.

Call recording and live listening

While running a business is important to know whether your employees are handling the incoming calls in the right manner or not. Therefore, with the help of this feature managers can listen in on the calls to know the quality of service. Furthermore, calls can be recorded in the cloud, so you can listen to the recordings anywhere you want. This feature is extremely helpful in training new employees.

Call routing and forwarding

In order to grow your business successfully, it is important to make sure that your customers can speak to your customer service department 24/7. Offering an around the clock service can provide you revenue growth. With cloud technology, this goal can be achieved easily. Call routing not just ensures that you don’t miss out on important calls, but it also optimises your human resources by using each agent as efficiently as possible.

Automatic dialler

According to research on average an employee makes approximately 46 calls a day. This is quite a lot but only if you consider dialling these numbers manually. Manual dialling can be a drag particularly if you don’t want your customers to keep on running into voicemail or hear the busy tone. Therefore, an automatic dialler can speed up and simplify the call initiation process. All you will have to do is upload your contact list and start calling.

Easy contact schedules

Research has revealed that 80% of non-routine sales happen only after at least five follow-ups. For this, you will need a lot of resilience and in approach to schedule and organise your follow-up calls. For example. You have been trying to reach a potential customer for a while and the customer is not responding to your calls. Instead of giving up on the client you could use an auto scheduler. All you will need to do a set delay times for different situations and ones that time is over the app will automatically dial your potential lead’s number again.

Call status notes and more

The cloud technology provides you with smart tools so that your employees can take notes directly on the screen of their browser just the way they feel in a call script. Father day can also label every call with additional closing status this way the rest of the employees can know exactly the outcome of the interaction. All the additional duty is added to the moves whilst the agent is on another call can be fed back to the crm platform and can be added to your existing customer profiles.

Interactive call script creative

There are several reasons why cloud technology can help you be more effective. In a nutshell, it can help you with keeping up your conversations organised so that you can hit all the key points on a call and focus on what really matters. You can create an interactive script and share it with all the employees. That is what the cloud technology tools allow you to achieve without going to great lengths.

The major factor in a business success rests on how the communication leads and clients are dealt with. Therefore, you must include the 10 key features which have been mentioned in this article